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About a month ago, I started receiving emails from Avanquest Nova Software. I have no idea how the company obtained my email address, as I have never done business with the company.

I have been ignoring the emails since I do not get much in my spam folder anyway. But they send emails more than once a day-now I really want it to stop. I sent a request asking the company please stop sending emails to me. Hopefully they will process it soon and stop sending them.

However, I do not hold my breath on this one. Whether or not the company continue to send emails, I will still not purchase from them ever.

Reason of review: Spam emails constantly.

Preferred solution: Stop sending me emails.

I didn't like: How they send unsolicited emails, Email harassment.

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Terrible Company. Never opted in to receive their constant spam mails.

Avanquest Verified Representative


You may opt out of our emails by visiting our unsubscribe tool here.

If you have any other concerns please let us know.


Avanquest CS

to Avanquest_USA #1585349

*** I have used the unsubscribe tool, and am still receiving spam emails.

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